One of the most important concerns in a woman is to look beautiful. We spend a lot of time taking care of our hair, skin and clothing. All these things are good, but we women need to also remind ourselves that beautifulness cannot be real unless it boils from inside.

When I was younger I wasn’t too concerned about how I looked like because when women are young, beauty comes out almost effortlessly. I’m saying this because I’m one of the people who believe that every woman can be beautiful at any stage, no matter how many wrinkles she has on her face. If I go back further with my memories I can even think of feeling more confident during young hood probably because I compared myself less.

The existence of social media today distorts beautiful concepts and images that one time in the past were revealing more of what was recognized as inward beauty. What social media have to do with boldness and beautifulness? Well a lot, according to Science and Social Media Studies made by Richard Perloff form the Cleveland State University, negative social comparisons can predispose vulnerability characteristics in male and women. Human beings can start questioning their value base of cultural stereotypes of beauty.

It is hard not to compare when you go out and see a culture that worships physical beauty and portrait unrealistic thin models. Here at REALISTCK we want to portray your real beauty, and we know that real beauty does not come out of internal fears of not being good enough. Our company recognizes these issues, and will make an effort to improve women self-perceptions and ideals about beauty. Being realistck for us mean having a good balance between emotional, physical and spiritual factors. For us beauty goes beyond the physical dimension.

I was younger once and I know the pressure a young lady can feel to look in a certain way. Sex-type stereotyping models have silently carved self-confidence in women without them noticing. I took years to realize about this is true and to learn the ability to stand up for myself, to feel confident and to know deep down that my whole being breaths value and God light.

When I reflect about why I believed so, I find lack of role models that would taught me the importance of real beauty and character.

According to Greek dictionary the word bold in Greek tolma means to dare, it implies someone who does not dread or shun through fear, so a woman that is tolma is courageous. Boldness in the Greek dictionary makes more reference to character. Denotes strength or capacity to do something. It implies someone that challenges

others and provoke, but she challenges especially to prove courage, not to show off. The dictionary goes further, and says that she is not afraid to tell and to show who she really is. She is brave enough to be honest, to do something difficult or dangerous, she is not afraid to ask or do something that involves a valid risk.

I wanted to know more about this word and I found during my research that in Greek the word kallos described the word beauty. The Greek meaning goes beyond physical or material beauty. Another adjective in the dialectic Greek was hora which means “being of one’s hour” Like a ripe fruit that bear fruits of its time.

According to the Greeks a young woman trying to look older or an older woman trying to look younger would not be considered beautiful. Everything was beautiful in its own perfect time. For instance, Aristotle saw beauty as the association between virtue and inner beauty. For the Greeks psychological factors like intelligence, grace, charisma, kindness, elegance, integrity and personality were the standards for beauty. You don’t know how much I wish media would swift to these models one day. Here at Realistck we will strive to achieve tridimensional beauty.

Maybe then we will more willing to understand what real beauty is. Perhaps people would reflect more upon their shopping behaviors, thoughts and how culture create conflicts around this concept will help us to say goodbye to our compulsive behaviors. As I grow older, I understand more that only through Jesus’s love a woman can feel new again in her heart.

Perhaps one day purity, sweetness and how to act with integrity will be one of the major searches in Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps one day getting older won’t be viewed as bad as we all will learn our real value as God’s creatures, perhaps everything will be then understood better as we all will become more beautiful in His Time.

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